Pedroni & Co. is now representing ECS Environmental Solutions, a leading manufacturer of odor control equipment. ECS Environmental Solutions is based out of central Texas and offers a full line of odor control systems and accessories for the water / waste-water industry.   ECS has a 100,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility that also houses engineering, product development and project management teams.

Our founders have a long-term business focus which involves taking care of our client’s needs. We strive to provide over the top service and impeccable quality. The best way to describe what you will find with ECS is value. We offer excellent products at a reasonable price, and back them up with un-matched service.

Started in the mid 90’s ECS is a third-generation family owned, family run business. Through several strategic acquisitions ECS has grown to be a leader in the odor control industry.   Our offerings include a full range of odor control technology including standard and custom variations of activated carbon systems, chemical scrubbers and biological solutions. This gives us the unique ability to look at each application and determine the best solution based on preference, capital cost and lifecycle cost.

All systems are designed to be easy to install, and more importantly – operate and maintain. It’s important to us that clients are pleased with the product we supply for many years. A big part of that equation is making them easy to operate. Chemical systems are simplified, and come pre-assembled / tested by ECS technicians at our facility. With the development of our radial flow technology, no longer is man-entry required for carbon ex-change. In 2005 ECS developed the guardian prefilter- a device that serves to extend carbon media life up to 50% and prevent plugging of a biofilter.  ECS Bio-Pure engineered biofilter media reduces EBRT, allowing for more aggressive designs and eliminates compaction / degradation issues commonly found in wood-chip systems.

ECS is the only odor control company with full in-house manufacturing capabilities. Having the ability to manufacture almost all major components that go into our systems gives us more control over quality and delivery. Manufactured offerings include fiberglass ductwork to 120” diameter, sound enclosures, covers, intake hoods, vessels and a full line of AMCA rated control dampers.

If you wish to learn more about ECS Environmental Solutions please contact our local rep Victor Pedroni at 425-369-6164 and visit our website at